My theory kicked in. Sure, I didn’t really want to go to London, but as soon as I got here, it turned out to be quite good. A two story apartment with an elevator directly from the ground floor to the apartment? Yeah, I could probably get used to that. A bathroom twice the size of my room in Oslo? Sure, I could probably get used to that, too. Sharing offices with a truckload of chicks? Bring ‘em on. And it’s all a three minutes walk from Oxford Street. Can you hear my laughing?

That said, it’s a lot of work, we’ve not been in bed until one or two in the night since we got here. And I might head back to Norway tonight already to do some testing I can only do from our offices in Oslo. But it’s all good.

If I’m staying here long enough, I might be able to do quite a few things on The List. You guess which.