I’m tired today. Unbelievable tired.

I talked to Stine yesterday, and she told me that the guy living in the apartment across the hall for her had actually given the hobo a blanket when he found him. Compassion is good, but seriously, man - how fucking stupid are you? I’ll bet you ten bucks that the hobo has returned to the entrance door of their building to check if the door is looked every night since he found it unlocked on Saturday. It’s like feeding cats. If you do it ones, those miserable hairy things will just return - until you bring out the shotgun.

I’ve got a couple of new bands for you to check out tonight. The Ataris is playing soft-punk, a bit like Sum 41. You can download three of their songs from their website, including a very good one called ‘In This Diary’. Revis, on the other hand, plays more rockish music, very good indeed, and they’re actually featured on the soundtrack of Ben ‘lucky-bastard’ Affleck’s latest movie, Daredevil. You can only listen to clips from their upcoming album on the website, but if you head over to Revisrocks.com, they’ve got a couple of songs online for you to download. I found out about both these bands while listening to Radio Wazee, a great online radio station for alternative rock.

Yesterday I got all hyper, and in default of friends to be hyper with at the time, I had to be hyper in front of my webcam. You probably missed the session, so I post some of the highlights here.

And tomorrow I will tell you how much I detest NetBeans.