The Next Big Thing?

It’s been a slow evening and I’ve used it to make a few minor tweaks to the design. A few of the things I’ve done is to add a small Twitter birdie to the side bar, increased the size of the picture of yours truly a bit, added the Shockingly Big IE6 Warning plugin, which most of you won’t see, and added Lightbox for effects when viewing NextGEN Gallery images.

I added a photo I once took of a road sign to this post so you can have a look at what Lightbox has to offers. Personally, I think it looks really nice, and I wonder why I didn’t make the switch until now. I’ve also made a couple of other minor changes based on feedback from you. Thank you. This is probably more or less all the work I will do on the new design, which means that I can now move on to a new Project - with reference to “Half-Assed Efforts” entry.

I’ve been rambling on about various projects for a while; everything from writing a novel to creating an Android application or even a computer game. The computer game is the least likely thing to happen. It will be a lot of work for one guy, even though it’s been done before. But the new Project is supposed to be a hobby, not a second job. I’ve already got one of those, and one is quite enough.

There is one project, however, that I’ve been thinking about lately: Global Happiness Index. By looking at incoming Twitter statuses, and search for words associated with being happy or sad, it should be possible to get an indication of global happiness. For Facebook, something like this has been done before, and I’m sure something similar also exists for Twitter, but it would still be an interesting project. I don’t know much about how to present information visually, but I know how to collect data and I also have some experience with data mining. That said, it all sounds like it might be a lot of work and require more hardware than I currently have.

One thing I know for sure is that it’s about time to call it the night.


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