The Next Step

Most us go through the same steps in life. The first thing you do is that you get born. No surprise, really. If you’re like me, you decide to leave the safety of the womb a month too early, something you can pretend caused minor brain damage, which you can blame all your less intelligent decisions on later in life. Convenient.

After that you learn to walk, then talk, ride a bike, some sport perhaps, read, write, math, a second language, then you advance in reading, writing, math, get your first kiss, get into some trouble, become even more educated, get a new hobby and drop another, drink your first beer, go on a few dates, get laid and go through a girlfriend/boyfriend or two – more or less in that order. Some people tend to mix and match a little, of course.

In between all of this, you somehow manage to grow up and in the process you make some really important decisions, the kind that have major impact on your future. Personally, I believe that my choice of college was the first major decision in my life. I was supposed to attend a college in the Eastern part of the country, but then I met Terje who had a lot of nice things to say about another college in the South of the country and in the end I attended that college instead. Actually, you might say that Terje is one of the people who has, probably unintentionally, had the most influence on my life path so far.

And for that I thank you, man.

Yesterday I took, together with Gine, the second really important decision in life. We decided to move in together. She has practically been living here for quite a while. but now it’s settled; we’re officially moving in together. Some of you will probably say that it’s about damn time, but I’m kind of slow that way and I’ve been holding back. Perhaps I’m slow because I didn’t want the pimp pad go? Probably not, I haven’t had that many Playboy Mansion-ish parties here.

No matter what the reason was, it’s not important. What’s important that we’re now taking another one of those steps in life. Yes, I’m miles behind most of you…

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad

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well… good on ya, mate!

You are not moving away from the Playboy Mansion-ish lifestyle at all. remember that Hugh himself has got three girlfriends living with him. you only need to get two more and you are good to go. :-P

You may be behind some of your friends, but you are certainly way ahead of me. you’ve actually got a) your own appartment, b) a girlfriend, c) a real job, d) and you have completed your downpayment of your education loan.


Think about it this way: You’ve got a) no need for an apartment right now, since it comes with the job b) a lot of girl friends c) a job you enjoy d) to stay in Australia, sorta makes it hard for Lånekassen to find you.

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