The NRK Revenge.

I went to my job interview as planned today, and I guess it went fairly well. I’ll know pretty soon if I’m in for a second round of interviews, this time with the boss and all. It seemed like a very interesting and challenging position, and from what I figured I’ll actually get the responsibility for a couple of people – if I ever get the job, that is. The main problem is my obvious lack of practical experience with the real world working life – I’ve only been working for 7 months or so. But I’m still crossing my fingers.

After the interview my current employer, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) decided to punish me for even thinking about getting another job. First, on my way home after the interview, I was approached by an NRK radio reporter who wanted to know what I felt about the fact that a new heir to the throne had been born that morning. It’s the news story in Norway today. And I told him exactly what I felt about that: I just don’t give a flying fuck. All right, so I didn’t say it that way, but it sums up how much I care.

I doubt that the interview was ever aired, but if you heard someone sounding like me on the radio today, it probably was me.

On my way home from work I was almost run over by an NRK company car. I was walking across zebra crossing and the car was backing up, probably not paying much attention to what was actually located behind the car. Which in this case was me. I jumped away and gave the car a nice blow with my hand. No harm done, but try to look in the rear view mirror the next time you back up, will you?

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