It’s been a month or so since we started planning for the US of A West Coast Tour 2011 - four merry gentlemen going to the US to get their nude photo taken by the TSA. Or maybe we’ll all opt out and go for a bit of groping.


When we last met for planning, we gave ourselves homework assignments. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the three others have done like me - postponed it until the last minute. My assignment was to check if there was anything interesting to do in Vancouver and Seattle. Our plan now is to make Vancouver our first stop - yeah, I know it’s Canada - and then take the train to Seattle, rent a car and move further down South.

If I remember correctly we’re only scheduling a single day in each city. That leaves us with very little time to experience each city, but in the case of Vancouver, it seems that one day should be enough.

The city seems to be about booze and gambling, while Seattle has bit more substance. And beer.

But I might be wrong, maybe there is more to the cities than I think. If you live in or have ever visited either Vancouver or Seattle or maybe even both, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any hints and tips you might have that can make our stay one of those stays that we tell our friends about when we get back home.