The ‘Should-this-be-a-Norwegian-or-an-English-site’-poll is now closed. A big thank you to everyone who voted, those of you who didn’t missed out on a chance to have your say. Too bad. When all the duplicate votes were removed, there were a total of 55 unique votes left, a bit more than I had actually expected. The results are as follows:

Please keep it in English. I don’t understand a single word of Norwegian. · 13 vote(s) En norsk side høres ut som en mye bedre idé, så kjør på! · 19 vote(s) Keep both a Norwegian and an English version. · 9 vote(s) English or Norwegian, it’s all the same to me. · 8 vote(s) I really don’t care. · 6 vote(s)

From this you see that Norwegian is the winner. Or is it? Those who want the site to be in both Norwegian and English might not know a single word of Norwegian, but still want both to please everyone. I’ve realized that having this option in the poll was a bit dumb. This option is of course the best one, but I’m pretty sure I won’t have the time to maintain both versions. At the moment there is a good chance I’ll go for Norwegian only. More about the issue tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. I’m hoping to make the final decision tomorrow.

In other news: I saw The Godfather III with Klas and Håkon yesterday evening. The Godfather trilogy suffers from the same disease as most trilogies; the first movie is the best one and the last movie is the worst one. Calling The Godfather III a bad movie is wrong, ‘cause it ain’t. But the first movie was way better.

Anne also dropped by and picked up the copy of ‘Avalanche’ I’d burned for her. Hopefully, she’ll like it as much as I do. If he ever comes to Europe to perform live, there is a fair chance I’ll go.