The Roof is on Fire

Another year, a full year of new fun-fun-fun happenings I can tell you about! Don’t you just love it? I bet you do.

It’s a new year I’m glad I lived to see. Someone - I will not mention names, but if you know the people I live with, you’ll know who it was - almost set our apartment on fire Saturday night by being

  1. To drunk to cook, but still determined to do it.
  2. To tired to cook, but still determined to do it.

As we know, drunk people are often hungry when they get home in the middle of the night and want to make some food. Also, they don’t have that good short-term memory and if you add “tired” to the equation you probably get the picture. That the baking tin full of butter had cracked, creating a stream of fat that poured all over the turned on stove, which in turn filled the kitchen with grey smoke, did not stop me from waking up at around eight in the morning, go to the kitchen, turn off the stove and remove the fat. I don’t think the stove was actually hot enough for the fat to catch on fire, but if it had, there is a good chance at least three people would’ve been royally fucked.

But everything went OK. This time. Knock, knock.

In other news, I’ve received a new fan sign, it’s been a couple of years since the last time. Have a look in the Webcam section. Come to think of it, the whole webcam-thing is totally passé, and you’ll have to look real hard for any web sites this day with a webcam section. Maybe I’ll pull the plug on it soon. Or maybe I’ll wait for webcams to once again become the new loud and be able to tell everyone that I always believed in webcams and the extreme entertainment value of the concept? Nah… But it was fun as long as it lasted.


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