This weekend we had a party in our shared apartment. A new guy moved in about three weeks ago, and he invited a bunch of his friend. The person who he introduced as “probably my best friend” turned out to be someone I knew from when I studied in Grimstad. He took the same courses as I did, only he started a year later, and we were DJing at the same place. He also, at one point, applied to a job in the same company as I work in. Someone else from my days in Grimstad also showed up; a friend of Nina - who is probably the most beautiful girl who has ever set her foot in Grimstad. She was so hot, I actually wrote a long rant about her five years ago.

This - once again - proves how ridiculously small Norway is.

My all time favourite browser, Opera was released as freeware today. You can now download and use Opera free of charge without the banner ads. Even if it’s software worth paying for, this is excellent news as it will probably enable more people to experience the greatest browser on Earth. Probably a bit annoying for those of you who bought it yesterday, but what the hell… The news spawned an interesting discussion on the Open Source community over at Slashdot.

While we’re still in Nerdyville, I’d like you to have a look at a new portable computer that might be available next year, the AtomChip SG220-2 from Atom Chip Corporation. It boost some damn impressive specifications; so impressive it smells like a scam. If it’s not, I want one! Have a look at the specifications and you’ll probably figure out why.

In music news, I should probably mention that Matthew Good’s “In A Coma” was released today, a must-have if you’re a Matthew Good (Band) fan and a highly recommended album if you just like excellent music. My copy was shipped from today, and with priority shipping it could be that it’ll be in my mailbox on Friday or Saturday. Can’t wait!