The thermostat has shown numbers on the plus side for a couple of days now, and a lot of snow has been melting. During winter, most dog owners walking their four-legged friends don’t care about using those nice plastic bags when their dogs take a dump, because, “hey, it’s snowing, and out of sight, out of mind, right?” Suuure, that your dog is laying cables on the sidewalk is not a problem when it’s ten below, the package gets hard as a rock after three seconds and it’s covered with pure, white snow. But as soon as it gets a little warmer, like now, we get a problem. All the turds hidden during the winter is now seeing daylight and it outright stinks. Everywhere. Dog owners: Use a fucking bag!

Today, after my mandatory two hours of classes, I went downtown to the police station and handed in my catch from Friday night. Read entry #247: Don’t drink and play: An excuse I use if you don’t quite follow me. It was slippery as hell, and it took me a good hour to get down there and back home, so I hope the owner, whoever she is, goes to the police station to check Lost & Found. At least I got some good Karma from the whole episode. I need some good Karma. At the moment, I think my Karma pool is in the red.