The Trilogy Ends.

Stine left today so I can once again start to behave like the nerd I am.

I finally got my thumb out of my ass and went to the movies to see the final Lord of the Rings movie; The Return of the King. The movie can be described with one word: Massive! As we all know it premiered in 2003, but since I’ve been a little slow when it comes to movies lately, it falls into my movies-of-2004-bucket. It’s a brilliant movie, and I’ll be very surprised to see any better movies this year. Seriously. Some of the battle scenes were so good I got all sentimental. Three thumbs up.

Two new books from the Amazon warehouse found their way to my local post office today: Hot Text: Web Writing that Works and Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability. I thought Hot Writing would teach me how to write more entertaining for you guys, but so far it looks like it’s about everything else. But the book is a good 450 pages, so I guess it’s a few pointers about that in there, too. The usability book is quite small, and I was able to get through a couple of pages before I went to the gym. So far it’s a good read.

My exercise-three-times-a-week-plan failed miserably last week because of Stine’s visit, so I started again this week. The company gym is kind of old fashioned and deserted most of the time. Which means it’s almost like having my own personal gym. Sweet.

And now for the irregular feature you’ve all been waiting for. Another picture ripped shamelessly from Cali es Cali – and this time it’s a hottie showing you this year’s evening dress fashion:

Yet another babe from Cali es Cali

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  1. Klas: So you got a new "harpoon" and "shot" a "fish". Yeah, I get it.

    Kristoffer: And they will keep on coming as long as Cali es Cali doesn’t smack me.

  2. Ian: I doubt Vegard will post a full nude on his main page. He is too decent for that. But I’ll bet he can post some in the deeper bowels of his web domain.

    Vegard: I didn’t actually have a double meaning, but I guess I can add it to the statement. ;-)
    It was a rather small cod (or Torsk as we call it in these neck of the woods), but I made a nice soup of it. yummie!

  3. klas: i know, don’t worry. it’s just that this was the raunchiest yet (in my humble opinion), and i so i thought about what would happen if he continued to push the limits… you’re right, he’d need not only nerve, but a shock to his sense of decency as well. to be honest, i couldn’t care less whether or not he uploads anything naughty – i’m sure if i had a need for something like that i’d be capable of finding it on my own! :P

    and by the way, congratulations on your “catch”… ;)

  4. Hey, you can’t fool me with your "does he have the nerves to post a full nude"-brain-messing. But it’s a nice try. And I might just fall for it in a while. The problem is that some of my visitors are acutally women – and hot women if I may add – and posting a nude might scare them away. Or maybe encourage them to submit their OWN nude pictures. Hmmmm… Will you, oh, hot, visiting babes?

    For nerds: This comment was posted with Firebird 0.7. Not my next browser. Gecko is nice but the Firebird shell is not that good. Waiting for 0.8.