Let’s rewind to November 2008. I’ve only got two months left in my all-consuming IT job at the firm I helped co-found almost 5 years earlier. My boss decides he needs an assistant for the office, and hires a girl, Anniken, straight out of college. Social, out-going, and good looking, she instantly makes a lot of friends in the 30+ people strong company. Not a huge surprise, perhaps, considering 98% of the employees are guys. It’s an 8 hours a day, 5 days a week sausage fest.

In the beginning of 2009, I take a well-deserved three months break from the rat race. During those three months, I keep myself busy with a bit of traveling, and lots of doing absolutely nothing, which is a welcome change from my regular schedule during the 5 previous years. But the office hottie and I keep in touch. In the spring, I return to the company to do consultancy work part-time. Anniken and I get to know each other even better, and for reasons that I still can’t quite grasp, she makes a move on me, the giant nerd. She’s not entirely successful at first, mostly because I’m absolutely terrible at noticing when a female of the opposite sex shows genuine, non-friend-zone, interest in me.

But I eventually realize what’s going on, and on August 9, 2009, we’re officially an item. Marking it with a date might feel a bit childish, or even neurotic. But there are two good reasons. First of all, Anniken is terrible at remember things. 09.08.09 is a date that is easy to remember. Secondly, being in a relationship is a rather big deal, and having an official date seals the deal properly in my head.


Let’s fast forward to September 5, 2015. We’ve been together for over 6 years, have bought a house in her home town, and even have a kid together. After a period of less-than-subtle hinting from Anniken, I’ve managed to get my act together and buy an engagement ring. It’s probably the least romantic proposal ever, but I do get the “yes”1. We’re married about a year later, on August 4, 2016. Another easy date to remember: 04.08.16.

It’s a party!

Perhaps even more important than the marriage itself is the party. For once, I won’t be getting into the nitty-gritty details. Let’s just say it was a success, and that 60+ people had a great evening. I managed to subdue that fact that I can’t stand being the center of anything, and that I feel physical pain when someone takes a picture of me. My lovely wife and I even held a joint speech.

Last, but not least, here are some picture from the party. It might not look like it from the pictures, but there were actual guests attending. I haven’t cleared the pictures with anyone, so I’ve decided not to post a lot of pictures of people who have no idea I’m plastering their faces on the internet. Better safe than sorry. The maid of honor and the best man don’t get that luxury, though. That’s the chance you take when you say yes to such a job.

Another exception is Ola, one of the guys who helped co-found the company both Anniken and I worked at when we met. He really enjoyed the photo booth we’d set up at the party, and we really enjoyed seeing some of his exceptional solo work. I’m not sure if he’ll entertain at children’s parties, but if you’re interested, contact me. I’ll relay your inquiry.

PS: You can find part one of Growing Up here and here.

  1. I’d initially planned to propose on August 15, so that it would have been another date that was easy for Anniken to remember (15.08.15), but getting hold of the ring took a lot longer than expected. Those bastards tried to charge me for VAT twice, too, but that’s another long story you’ll never hear. ↩︎