Macro shot. Oslo City Atlas.

Look at this. An entry posted outside normal working hours. And not from work. Which could mean I was able get the new T68i to work with my computer. And that’s what I did. I can now use the phone modem to dial up a free ISP to download my e-mail and upload entries. I downloaded about 60 e-mails yesterday and that took me a good six minutes, so it’s not actually lightning fast, and rather expensive, too, but it’s good enough for those emergency Internet sessions. It’ll probably be cheaper to use GPRS to transfer data via my mobile service provider instead of using the modem to call the ISP, so I had planned to go to work to use the Internet connection there to check if it was possible.

But what do you know. When I got there, I realized my key card doesn’t work during the weekends. I’ll have to ask them to give me access to the office during weekends, too, I’ll probably need it when deadlines are comming up. So right now, it’s not much to do. It’s been raining on and off all day, so I’m not sure if I want to go for my planned city expedition today, being that I might end up both soaking wet and possibly lost.

This week has been full of First Ever While Living In Oslo happenings. My first night, my first shower, my first trip to the grocery store (which they are closing down in a few days, so I had to find another one), my first trip on a bike down Carl Johan, the main street in downtown Oslo, and yesterday night I had my first few beers. I met Terje (who I lived with when I studied in Grimstad, who should appear in the cast pretty soon), Terje (a friend of Terje, and that’s another Terje completely, ‘cause Terje ain’t schizophrenic - it’s not so complicated as it sounds) and Ola (the one who go the me the job at NRK, and who will also appear in the cast in the very near future) at a place called Justisen. I was actually able to find the place without too much guidance, thanks to my new friend, me newly acquired Oslo city atlas. A nice little thing, just small enough to fit in my back pocket and it contains all the information I need to find my way around in Oslo.

I hope.