The WoW Starts Now

About a week ago I read an article in a newspaper saying that Norway had now got its first treatment center for people addicted to computer games. Computer game addicts can now get the same treatments as for instance drug addicts. The treatment itself is probably somewhat different, but the goal is the same: To get rid of the addiction.

I celebrated this new offer by downloading and installing World of Warcraft and registering for a ten day trail account. I guess I’ve played for maybe two days total and I can see why this game might be the reason why some people end up in detox, it’s fun-fun-fun! Now my ten days of free game play is over (so the title of this entry should probably be “The WoW Ends Now”) but I’ll probably not get a paid account. The main problem is time; I would never have the time to play enough to justify paying the monthly fee. That’s also why I didn’t renew my Xbox Live Gold membership when the trail period expired.

I really don’t like time. Or rather the lack of it.


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