They Are Back!

As you know - or at least some of you know this, because I complain about it every year - I’m allergic to some sort of pollen. The doctors have been unable to figure out exactly what kind of pollen my body doesn’t like, and it’s a real pain in the ass. This year I decided to see how long I could bear with not taking my medication and I lasted until today. With a little bit of self-discipline, I could probably have lasted a couple of more days, but why bother. Welcome, summer!

Right now I should probably be outside with some friends, Ola wanted me to join him, Hallvard and Terje and have some beers in a park at Grünerløkka, but I’m just to tired to do anything right now. Besides, he called me about half an hour ago to tell me that the cops had thrown them out of the park, and that they were now sitting at Hallvard’s place. I have no idea where that is and I’m not prepared to go hunting for it right now. Some other time.

At around half past four this afternoon I ran into a creative brick wall at work. I just couldn’t get anything done. I’d just set up one of the new servers and sat down in front of my computer to continue coding on a project that has to be finished on July 1st. And there was no way that I could continue. It was running straight into a wall. Or maybe off a cliff. So I packed my stuff and went home, which is good because some time off is a good thing and bad because I really can’t afford the time off. Oh, what the hell, I’ll just work a little extra tomorrow. Yay for that!

As requested, here’s a new picture from Cali es Cali. It’s been ages since I visited the site, actually I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures from there since January, but very little had changed, it seems. You don’t see me complain.

Johanna Quintero from Cali es Cali


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