They use mind-controlling waves, you know.

I’m usually not a very suspicious guy. Some people see conspiracies all over the place and wear pointy hats made of aluminum foil, I don’t. But lately, I’ve begun to suspect bike tires, or rather bike tire tubes. Not the manufacturers – or the government – who are usually the suspects in more every-day conspiracy theories, but rather the tire tubes themselves. The reason is that yesterday when I was leaving Ola and Hege’ apartment, I had – you guessed it – another flat tire. Why, oh, why? I think I’ve had ten blow outs in two years. That’s probably more than the average biker. So today I’ve been walking to work, walking to the bike store, walking home, walking to the gas station, the walking home again. Walking is all right, but there is a reason I have a bike in the first place.

What was I doing at their place, then? As mentioned before (it should have been a link here, but since I’m writing this entry in my apartment, which is clinically free of an Internet connection and I can’t bother to turn on V-Box just to find the right archived entry on my local server, you just have to look in the archives yourself if you really want to know where I’ve mentioned this before) Ola and Hege is going on a road trip to Italy this Friday. They’ve got a tent with them, which they’ll be using if the weather is fine, and right now it looks like that won’t be a real problem, since Italy is seeing the worst drought in a hundred years these days. Anyway, Ola wanted to see if he was able to get the tent standing, so I brought out my latent Boy Scout skills and the tent was up in no time. (No time = 20 mintues, all right for a new tent, I think.)

Some incompetent repairman had also ‘fixed’ their broken washing machine so that it filled their bathroom floor and some of their hallway with water. Fortunately, Hege was home and saved them from complete disaster. But that’s another story. Actually; I think I told most of the story right now.

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  1. 1. the bike. buy yourself a “wheelband” which goes between the inner tube and the wheel itself. I had a bunch of flat tires not long ago, and it was because they were punctured by the wheel.

    2. The tent. yay for boy scout skills. :-)

  2. The damage is always on the other side of the tube, towards the ground, so I don’t think a wheelband (what kind of music do they play, by the way?) would be of much help.

  3. its prolly cause of the cheap tires you bough at hanksport, get ripped off up there instead. I ended up paying 500nkr pr tire, but i’ve never had a flat :)

    clas ohlson has “kevlar-tires” for 159,- or something, prolly bulletproof aswell…

  4. I still say go for kevlar.. kevlar is cool.. but if you really want strong tires .. get a pair made of spider web.. that’s even stronger than kevlar.. :)