Things That Make You Go Wow!

Yesterday night I went to Kompisfestivalen, a direct English translation would give you something like The Buddy Festival. Every year, some dedicated people from my home town, Notodden, and the area around, organize a big party where they tell some of their friends to invite some of their friends and their friends and make a guest list of all the names. The result is a place packed with people. I saw a lot of old faces, and generally had a very good time, the only drawback was that I had to go home pretty early to get up to work today.

Of some reason, the place was crowded with good looking women. Wherever you turned, there was a babe that would make you go “wow”. There is no doubt in my mind that the 11th floor of Yongstorget 2 was the place with the highest density of stunning look women yesterday night. Good stuff. Very good stuff.

No, I didn’t take any pictures.

Terje‘s lovely girlfriend Inger – surprisingly enough – visits my site from time to time and she wondered why there were only pictures of brunettes on my site. First, of all, having a Cali es Cali picture in almost every entry is a rather lousy way to drive traffic to the site, and I’m considering letting the girls go. Secondly, she has a point, there are only brunettes in the pictures. Maybe I do have a thing for brunettes, maybe I don’t. The reason, I guess, is that Cali is a city in Colombia, and most South American people tend have dark coloured hair.

But I’ll find a picture of a blonde South American woman. It’s a dirty job, but I’ll do it.

Oh, and I almost forgot: By popular demand, the last twenty comments are now available as both RSS and Atom feeds in the Syndication section. I’m not sure how well they work, or if they validate or not, but at least they are being generated. Have a blast.

Maria Clara from Cali es Cali (

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  1. The comment feed works great, other than that you don’t provide a content type header (or parameter in the XML declaration), so the feed defaults to UTF-8 in Opera. I guess the characters are encoded in ISO-8859-1. That should be stated.

    And for god’s and heavens sake, don’t get rid of the women! They are one of the sole purposes I visit this godforsaken place, goddamit! :-D

  2. The encoding has now been set to ISO-8859-1, thanks.

    Of course the babes ain’t going nowhere. I don’t want to lose you guys, my most faithful and perverted visitors.