Things You See and Thing You Hear

Some days are great. You get a lot of things done, time just flies and you generally just have a great day. Other days are not so great. No matter how hard you try, you’re not able to accomplish anything, time crawls by, you’re bored as hell and at the end of the day you just felt that you should’ve stayed in bed instead of getting up in the morning. As you might have guessed, this particular Sunday falls in the latter category, but I guess you need one of those days now and then just to be able to appreciate the really good days.

I had a long talk with TC on the phone yesterday evening. I probably won’t be seeing her for another couple of days. Not used to all this dating, she felt she needed a little quality time by herself. Is she discreetly blowing me off? I don’t think so. When we’re together I get the impression that she’s having a very good time - and so am I. I think she has a genuine need to be alone for a while, I understand her very well, I used to be like that, too. During our conversation, she told me things about herself that should probably set off a few alarms, but for some reason it made me like her even more. She’s extremely complicated and that attracts me. That she’s hot, hot, hot probably also attracts me.

Not so long ago I was once again told that I get way to personal in my public entries (there are no private entries in case you wondered, but I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a special invite-only area). Well, yeah, it could be that I’m too personal. But you don’t have read this and it’s not like you have a clue who I’m writing about anyway. Except when I’m using people’s real names and then I’m not getting to personal either.

Congratulations to Hans Olav who’s got a new job after he quit his less-than-interesting job as a help desk slave. Now he is aiming at a career as a C++ developer instead, something that was probably a very smart move in life. Also, congratulations to Cathrine who fell in love with someone even if she tried not to. Lucky guy.


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