This and That

I’m sitting waiting for OS X Snow Leopard to finish installing on my MacBook Pro. I’m honestly not sure why I bought it, my Mac is too old to utilize the new 64-bit platform and I don’t think there’s anything too interesting available in this OS X version when Apple has to front new features like “Easy PDF text selection” as a reason for their users to upgrade. But it was so cheap and I’m a sucker for any upgrade.

While waiting I’ve been watching COPS, an interesting study of white trash America. One guy fires a few shots with his AK-47 at a house. People shouldn’t have AK-47s unless they are in a war zone. Another hick is pulled over because he is driving with his rear lights turned off. And a couple of guys are booked for selling mar-hu-ana1. Unbelievably trashy entertainment, but I’m still watching hoping that maybe, just maybe, there would be a high speed car chase. Seems like life is not imitating art GTA style…

In another totally uninteresting and unrelated note, I had a glance at my back in the bathroom mirror today and thought I was really dirty. I more thorough investigation showed that it wasn’t dirt, but hair. I didn’t know I grew hair on my back. I’m 31 and still going through puberty.

That explains a lot, really.

  1. Ten points to you if you get the cartoon reference. ↩︎


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