This is how I kill an hour

I’m bored. Not just your ordinary bored, I’m “what about counting the matches in the large matchbox”-bored. I’m “it sounds interesting to look at a wall for the rest of the evening”-bored. I guess you get the picture. I know way too few people in this city and all the people I know are busy. Hans Olav is at some stag party, Terje is doing something I can’t quite remember and Ola and Hege are still in Italy, or on their way home. They’re not here, at least.

The thing with Stine has stopped twitching my mind now. OK, so it hasn’t stopped completely, but it’s close. The only times I start thinking about it is when I’m bored. Like now. The worst thoughts in my mind came to some kind of consensus after I got home from seeing Cidade de Deus on Tuesday. Suddenly it all fell into place and I had a good night’s sleep. I’m still not sure why I felt the way I did, but that’s doesn’t really matter as the thoughts are almost gone now. The path of logic from brain chaos to relative order was simple: I’m not in love with her, I was at some point, but I’m not any more, and I don’t feel that there are any chance that I would fall in love with her again, even if we gave the relationship a third try. Because of that, what has happened should not bother me, thus it doesn’t. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, will it make a sound? But for the year I was dating Stine I don’t think I was ever really bored, and when I’m bored these days, my mind tries its best to find things that will stop the horrible feeling of being bored. And because of my bore-free year with Stine, my mind starts thinking about her. I could, of course, call her up, I want to, but I’m not sure how good that would be for her. So I place my cellular on another desk until the urge goes away. Yeah, I said “desk”. I’m still at work, there is nothing to do in my apartment anyway, so I might as well stay here. The only thing missing at the office is food, and I need to get home and eat soon. Very soon, I think.

I’m rambling incoherently again, it’s probably not very interesting unless you’re me or a psychology student. Chances are you’re neither. So let’s talk about something completely different.

Like potential, future work. I actually managed to get to the second round of interviews! What about that, eh? There are now only three guys left and I’m one of them. I probably said something right at the first interview. Wish me luck. Or you could help me find the two other guys and convince them that going to the second interview is a bad idea.

So, in my fight against boredom (here I go again, just can’t stop rambling, now, can I?), I realize I need more friends in Oslo. Over time, I’ll meet new friends through me current friends, but making friends like that usually takes some time. I need friends now. I need instant friends. I need simply-add-water-friends. So I turn my focus towards SprayDate. You really wouldn’t think I would, considering what I’ve written about SprayDate earlier, but if there is a good place to get instant friends, it’s there. Or so I thought. The girls (of course I want female friends, they are nicer to look at) in Oslo are just damn picky. Or maybe it’s my personality that’s tuned in on Trondheim-mode, which is obviously not very compatible with female SprayDate users in Oslo; it’s fucking hard to get a conversation going with any of them. But I’m not giving up. My personality worked very well in Trondheim. I made great friends.

And while we’re on the subject of women: As a joke, Hege has said that she’ll hook me up with her kid sister, Nina, who I briefly mention in Hege’s cast profile. I have only met her once, at some party, and I don’t think I actually talked to her, but I still remember her name (I always remember the name Nina, but that’s a completely different and really pathetic story). As you probably know, I’ve been in Ola and Hege’s apartment a few times in the last two weeks to feed their fishes while they’re in Italy. They’ve got two pictures of Nina hanging on their fridge, and having had a look at them the times I’ve been over there, Hege’s joke of hooking me up with her doesn’t sound like that bad a joke at all. She looks good, and if her personality is even remotely close to Hege’s, I’ll say she’s quite the catch.

Do I sound like stalker material? Yeah, probably. But I know and now you know, too, so there’s really nothing to worry about. But if when I get to that point, please tell me. I think I would have been a very kind stalker, really.

This post has been about women, women and even more women, so why not top it off with another peek in the Cali es Cali galleries? This time their model doesn’t look like a she-male, but there is a good chance she has undergone some boob-work. But seriously, do we care? I know I don’t. Small, medium, big, huge? It really doesn’t matter as long as the person they are attached to is comfortable with them. My guess is that Diana is comfortable with hers:

Cali es Cali

I’m feeling better now, not that bored anymore, actually. This site is just great therapy for me. If everyone in the US of A had their own site, all the shrinks would be in some real trouble. It also helps having the great tunes from Groove Salad humming in the background.

This turned out to be a long entry and I’m impressed that you read this far. As a proof that you did, please leave a comment. You don’t really have to write anything useful, just leave a comment so I see how many people actually read posts this size. Thank you.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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wohoo…. i read the whole damn thing… i’m prob bored as well… btw i’m back in notodden for a few days during the bluesfestival… ihaaaa… are you coming?

“i read the whole damn thing… i’m prob bored as well…”. Meaning that the only reason why read it was that you were bored. Well, thankyouverymuch, Moah!

I’m not sure about coming home this weekend, I might, but it depends on the second interview. If it’s on Monday I’ll probably not go, we’ll see.

Yes Weggis, I have also read the whole thing! I`m sitting at work doing nothing even though I have tons to do. I just don’t do them today because I’m almost alone in the building and everyone else is on vacation. My last day here now, just chekking in on monday to report to the other in adm. Løvly! Have you made new friends in NRK? So long:)

I read the lot.. and the two previous posts aswell.. and I’m not even bored.. (just sadly lacking a life)..

“I think I would have been a very kind stalker, really.” – I believe you would be the kind of stalker that would call your “victims” and ask if it’s convenient for them to be stalked that day..

Hey Sjef.
I read all of it. =) It’s kinda nice, cus I don’t need to watch any soaps on tv. I’m sure everything will work out for you in the end, even though you might not think so right now. And I really think you should have gone to Ola’s place (you could have brought with you some dry clothes in a plastic bag), and I also think you should’ve gone to Notodden and hung out with old friends. Just anything that keeps you from being stuck in your apartement alone by yourself with your thoughts. =) Cus it can’t be healthy for you. Or anyone else..
By the way; Hege (my flatmate) works in Oslo, and I’m sure you wanna hang out with her. ;) Just let me know, and I’ll hook you up! !!

Well, I feel your pain. Except.. I’m giving my relationship a third try. Dumb? Probably. Anyway, I found your rant by searching for “kill an hour” on google =P Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels the powers of boredom suppressing my logical and intellectual train of thought. Hope you hooked up with Nina after all.. even though your post is from a year ago.

  • Justin

I never hooked up with Nina, I guess what Hege said was meant as a joke anyway. But I’ve seen a couple of pictures of her since this entry was posted, and I must say she still is a very good looking girl. To boyfriend: You lucky bastard, whoever you are.

I actually ended up giving my relationship a third try, just like you – and I hope for the best. Good luck with yours!

If you search for “kill an hour” on Google, you’ll get about 3,010,000 results. This entry is number 5. Interesting…

Its moved up to #4 on Google now… :-)

I actually found your site by doing a search for “Jim Stärk” (# 4 on Google…#2 on Yahoo!). Saw them at Öya Festivalen last month and kinda liked them. Although I agree with your review of No Time Wasted – listened to it at Platekompaniet and didn’t like it enough to buy it (their Morning Songs EP is better in my opinion).

Anyways…cool site. Browsing around here during a slow day at work has brought back some nice memories of my recent month in Oslo.

Nice pics, too. :-)

i searched for ‘how to kill and hour’
i’m really really bored at work n theres an hour to go before i can leave without gettin into shite.
pretty chic in teh photo… ony read the first paragraph of ur site… seemed ok… jus dont feel like readin.

better get back to pretendin to work.

thanks for the entertainment.

hey man, jus red yer article, after i googled how to “kill an hour” since im bored at work… i work in retail at aa 2nd hand department store called “cash convertors” in eastern atlantic canadian province..

Interesting that you live in oslo, as i have always wanted to visit norway, and of course the peril of needing instant friends can e dire… im sure id be able to make a remedy for myself.. when you mention trondheim… all i can think of is the prison “trondheim” where varg vikerness is held :P but thats media poisoning for you i suppose.

rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub

Well, like many others I decided to google kill an hour, and I got this site. Thinking that it will give me something to do to quickly pass an hour. Not quite. So now I’m here at the end of the page and I find myself writing back to some guy in Oslo with no friends, except Stine who doesn’t sound like she’s around much anymore. Well, nice hearing about your problems, makes mine seem not so bad:)

Hey, Same here google really most not scan their sites for usefullness (what a shock gasp). Anyway I hope you got that job.. though I assume not since its been what 2 years since this post and you are still checking up on it? 0.0 either you are bored or have enrolled in psychology yourself smirk. Have a nice night.

  • Jeerota

OH MY WORD…. this killed all of 10 mins and now iv syill got the hour i wanted to kill left!!! and this comment comes 7 months after the the last and a staggering 4 years and four months later!!! this is so not what sould come up when typing “kill an hour” in google!!!!

Haha. Sorry to disappoint you. If this entry is displayed among the top 10 results when you search for “kill an hour”, I feel sorry for the interweb.

Well, I just read all of your blog as I’m also in Oslo and bored to my back teeth… I work 5 week shifts out here, 5 weeks on / off my free time spent traveling the world. Oslo is THE hardest place to meet people I have ever come across! All the friends I have here are ex-pats as they’re the only people who’ll talk to you in the pub! I’ve got French, German, British and American mates and about 3 Norwegian! What is is with this place!?!?

Yep. Thats one dead hour. Between your article and the comments, you could nearly make it two. (if you take your time) Anyways…

You’ll be pleased to know you’ve moved to the number two spot for ‘how to kill an hour’ on gooogle.


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