This is Your Weekend.

Friday. Me and Gine went to Gunnar’s birthday party. He is about to turn 32, so to call it a “birthday party” sounds a bit weird – even if there was cake. His girlfriend works at a company to which my employer has close relations, and I bumped into a lot of familiar faces. In a way it was a bit like visiting their office for a business meeting, except that I usually don’t drink beer when I’m there.

Saturday. Dragged Gine out of bed and we took the bus to my home town for a quick visit to my parents and sisters. It was my father’s birthday so we got a little cake on Saturday, too. It’s one of my sister’s son’s birthday soon, too, and we gave him the birthday present from us while we were there. He is about to turn two, cars and other vehicles are pretty much the only thing he cares about – he can name more or less every part a car is made up of – and when he unpacked his red 1:14 Peugeot WRC scale model he displayed only the kind of true joy a kid his age can display. Good times.

Sunday. Played C&C3 most of the day, except for the one and a half hour I spent trying to keep up with Hans Olav around Maridalsvannet. No luck this time either and I got even more tired now than last time.

This was my weekend. Of course it was spiced up with the odd work-related event. I hope you enjoyed yours, too.

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  1. friday: afternoon trip during the day. went to pub at night.
    saturday: full day trip. calm night. watched crocodile dundee and get ready to be boysvoiced
    sunday: full day. pool in the morning, snorkleguide in the afternoon.

    good weekend.

  2. You are living the good life, man. How does Crocodile Dundee rank as a movie down there? Mandatory childhood entertainment? Or Hollywood’s twisted image of Australians?

  3. living in australia for a year i had a feeling people have a hate/love relationship towards mr dundee. i might have a different view than klas though.

    btw a one-liner for you vegard: “if we don’t protect freedom of speach, we will never know who the assholes are.”

  4. I saw this tv-program about australian films, and crocodile dundee was rated on top third place as a really good australian film. And the script was cowritten by paul hogan himself, so I don’t think it is to hollywoodised.