The entries on this site have changed over the years. In the beginning they were short, note-like ramblings, and often hard to understand unless you knew me well. Then they started to get longer and a lot of emotional beans were spilled. This was in particular when I dated Stine, we were on and off a lot and I sorted to writing to vent my frustration. Probably not the most masculine thing to do, male frustration should historically be vented by starting a war, but writing worked for me.

After I moved to Oslo and Stine finally left my life for the last time - and directly into the arms of her new boyfriend, I have later learned - I started to find my dates on the internet. This was back in the days when internet dating was not yet kosher so it didn’t really attract the most well balanced individuals. In the end, most of the girls I met turned out to be the kind of people who should perhaps spend more time in therapy than on internet dating sites. Don’t get me wrong, some were very nice, not that interesting, but nice.

Over the span of the last three years, there is of course a lot of personal stuff I have not shared with the world. Some of you might argue that that’s probably for the best, the world could not care less and some things should be left unsaid and unwritten. I totally agree with you, still I feel it’s time to return to the old days of just letting it all out.

I think I’ll keep you hanging there for a while.