Here a quick update on my life at the moment: I’ve spent the last two weekends skiing various places in Norway, Trysil and Røros. I’m back at work throughout March to help out a little, trying to keep my workload at about 50% of a normal workday. So far I’ve succeeded, so no worries. I’ve finally received my visa to visit North Korea in April if the border is still open, as it looks now the North Koreans are making a lot of fuss. I’m still going to the gym regularly, the funniest thing is that I don’t really see or feel any progress. I definitely should have kept track of reps, weights, lap times and whatnot because there probably has been some progress. Later this month I’m having a house warming party and that’s about time since I’ve been living in this apartment for over two years now.

That’s about it, I guess.

Now on to what this entry is really about.

You most likely know what YouTube is: It’s the world’s largest collection of cat videos. All right, so there’s also other stuff on the site and you’ve probably watched a video or ten.

Today I stumbled across the most creative use of YouTube to date, ThruYOU. I call genious. Have fun.

(Now also reported by VG. Will this trackback give me a Twingly link? We’ll see, we’ll see.)