Summer Evening Thunderstorm, Oslo, Norway, 2008.

ISO 100, shutter at 15 seconds, aperture f/6.3, focal length 24mm. And manual focus. Who would’ve thunk it? My first attempt at thunderstorm photography.

With it another half-assed attempt on a site redesign, once again a theme created by some other creative soul and modified slightly by me. This one really don’t feel right either, eventually I will probably build a new one from ground up myself.

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  1. Nice theme, but it seems to have introduced a couple of bugs. Are you on to them, or should I wave them in your face? Also, where the bleep are the beautiful gravatars?!

  2. I’ve checked this new theme for errors, but if you find any, please let me know. Gravatars are also back, as you’ve probably noticed.