I’ve read through the speech President Bush held to the American people last night, and I do have a few questions about it, I’m a little bit tired of the upcoming war on Iraq at the moment, so I think I’ll wait with that to tomorrow instead.

Then what to write? Well, I could always write about hot chicks, right? Some of you might remember entry #220: Danish party-chicks bowling for free in Columbine and entry #225: Danish chicks - you just gotta love ‘em. Both entries featured some hot Danish chicks, so if you’re heterosexual, bisexual or a lesbian and saw the entries, I guess you remember. Unfortunately, it looks like most of those pictures are gone. But fear not! I give you Supa-Hot Swiss Chicks!. Be warned, there are about 2 megabytes worth of pictures on the page. For the modem users out there, I bring you the best picture here:

Supa-Hot Swiss Chicks!

Finding the best one was a tad hard, because these girls were hot.

Yeah, I like good looking girls. Yeah, I’m a pig. Yeah, all men are pigs.