To the end of the world – and back again

So, I’m finally settled for the Summer. Back home in Notodden. With no summer job (yet) but enough to do anyway. This weekend I’m heading back to Oslo for Ola’s girlfriend Hege’s birthday. Next Saturday or Sunday I’m also heading for Oslo to attend the Norwegian Wood festival, where I’ll probably hook up with Christine, who was one of the great people I went to Brazil with, and her friend Merete. And the weekend after that I’m going to Kragerø for Terje’s birthday.

At least that’s the plan for the next three weeks. The only problem now is that I need money to go all these places and to get money I need a job. And so far it doesn’t look that good. Keep your fingers crossed. Unless you’re driving.

Being back in Notodden means I had to say good bye to the nice 24/7 cable connection in Trondheim and have to use a single ISDN line instead. Bah.. It’s better than nothing, though.

I’m a good boy these days, trying to get up at around 08:00 to start reading for my exams in August. Brazil was nice, the aftermath was not. So far, so good - I’ve been able to get up at a respectable time relative to o eight hundred hours.

Right now I’m in the process of burning a shitload of CDs with pictures, a diary and more form the Brazil trip. A CD for each of the travelers. I’m just too kind - as usual.


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