Yesterday I almost bought a Creative Zen Touch from an online store - three times. Today I almost walked to the downtown Apple Store and bought an iPod - twice. But all five times, I had this nagging thought in the back of my head: “Do I really need a new MP3 player?”

The answer is no, I really don’t. I’ve got my Jens of Sweden MP-110, it can hold about three albums and plays for hour after hour, just what I need when I’m walking around downtown or I’m taking a jog. I wouldn’t jog with the Zen or the iPod anyway, they are too large for that. Having all my music on the player could be a good thing when I’m going on long trips, like I used to do when I was dating the ex-girlfriend, but now I’m not travelling that much anymore.

So I guess I’m probably not using that much money on a player yet. I will the day I get a lot of dough1 between my hands. Or the day someone is able to convince me that having a player like the Zen or the iPod is a fucking great idea.


  1. I’m using cool words, please like me. ↩︎