Looks like the winner of the Ass hole of the Year 2002 Award (yours truly) is already on his way to bring home the 2003 title, too.

Me and Stine broke up today - again. I was the part to blame - again. Note to self: There is not such thing as a successful second time. She is a very nice and beautiful girl that I really like to…hmmm…be physical with, and enjoy being with, but I was unable to gather the right feelings needed to keep a real relationship going over time. You have to be able to give as much as you get in a relationship, and I couldn’t do that. Hurting her like that again is a real bummer, I should have known better when we got together again last August. But I guess this boy/girl thing is just another case of trial and error - and if you’re lucky, succeed.

It’s about time for me to re-new my membership in the Singles Club for another 15-20 years or so.

I was able to get the GD graphics library up and running on my Windows installation of Apache/PHP, so I’ll start coding a pictures section for the new design tonight. It’s not like I’m going to get much sleep anyway.