The first stop on our tour of Japan was the country’s capital Tokyo. We stayed for a total of 5 nights, but still only managed to see a small fraction of what the city has to offer. When I visited Las Vegas last year, I got a bit disappointed. TV had told me the city was an overwhelming spectacle of huge casinos and neon lights, but in reality it’s only The Strip that can be described like that. For Tokyo, on the other hand, the image I had of the city in my head was accurate: An endless sea of people, lights and buildings.

If you are going to visit a single Asian city in your life, make it Tokyo. It’s got everything you’ll want and then some, from the buzzing of crowded streets at night to the quiet of a landscape garden or a Buddhist temple. Combine that with a great public transportation system that just works and the general kindness and quiet and relaxed manner of the Japanese and you’re in for a truly unforgettable trip.