Hans Olav had his birthday party yesterday, so me and Hallvard went down there to have ourselves a little part-ey. Hans Olav had promised me a bunch of desperate women, but it turned out he was just telling lies. A lot of women there, but none were desperate and most of them were occupied. But it was a great party anyway. I forgot to bring my camera, so I have no pictures, I but I saw at least three digital cameras in use, so I guess I can get my hands on some if I want to.

Walking home from Hans Olav’s I was listening to some music on my MP3-player. At some point I was stopped by a girl, high as a kite, who wanted to know what I was listening to, because seeing people with headphones always made her so curious. Coldplay was playing “Green Eyes”, so I told her that, and she said I looked like a guy who could listen to Coldplay. Maybe so. But what if she’d stopped me thirty seconds later? The next track was Deftones' “Change (in the House of Flies)”. And I guess I don’t look much like, or at least don’t dress much like, your average Deftones fan - but I think it’s a great song. Does the music we listen to and the way we dress define us? To some degree, I guess it does.

You’ve probably heard that the space shuttle Columbia broke apart and fell down from the skies yesterday, about 15 minutes before its scheduled landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, resulting in the death of the seven astronauts on board. And sending 35 plus wreckage-hugging rednecks to the hospital. All online newspapers are crammed with news about the incident, CNN is no exception, naturally. If you look very close, you might notice other news, too - like “Witnesses: Many dead in Lagos blast” and “Zimbabwe train crash kills 40”.

One death is a tragedy - a thousand deaths are a statistic.

No update for you yesterday because my host’s MySQL-server was fucking things up.