All right, here’s the track listing for Liv Marie’s new mix tape. Hopefully this one is more her thing:

  1. Daniel Beddingfield - Wrap My Words Around You1
  2. Coldplay - Things I Don’t Understand
  3. Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
  4. Howie Day - Perfect Time Of Day
  5. Kent - Den Döda Vinkeln
  6. Dum Dum Boys - Stjernesludd
  7. The National Bank - Tolerate
  8. Thomas Dybdahl - From Grace
  9. Jim Stärk - Honest (Trying To Be A Man)
  10. Jack Johnson - Cookie Jar
  11. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
  12. Suzanne Vega - The Queen And The Soldier
  13. Johnny Cash - One
  14. Foo Fighters - Virginia Moon
  15. Dave Matthews - Gravedigger (Acoustic)
  16. José González - Heartbeats
  17. HARD-Fi - Move On Now
  18. Kings Of Convenience - Parallel Lines

  1. Yes, I admit it, this is an OK song. I, too, have my secret shames. ↩︎


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