I grew up with Transformers and naturally I was rather excited when the motion picture was announced two years ago. There is a problem with getting too excited about anything, though; the more excited you are, the greater the risk of disappointment.

The plot is not very complicated: Two fractions of autonomous robots, the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons have fought a war over a mystical talisman, the Allspark, that has ruined their homeworld. Whoever controls the Allspark is granted unlimited power. Some time during the war, the Allspark was lost in space. The Autobots are on its trail and has traced it to Earth, but of course the Deceptions are not far behind. Unless the Autobots can stop them, they’ll soon find the Allspark and destroy Earth in the process. The stage is set for some serious monster robot action.

Now, let’s talk about disappointment. There was none. It was quite the opposite, really, the movie was even better than I’d hoped. Michael Bay has done a brilliant job, turning a cartoon into an epic movie. It’s crammed with humor, an extremely hot heroine (not the drug, moron), and of course robots. Literary tons and tons of giant robots, all of them so detailed you almost believe they are not computer generated, but real, mechanical beasts.

You should go see this movie and go home and build your own robot afterwards.

Be warned though, if you had no knowledge of Transformers before the movie was announced, you’re probably going to be left with another impression of the movie when the end credits roll.