I’ve been working late all week, so there hasn’t been much time left to blog - yeah, I’ve finally realized that I’m actually blogging, regardless of how much I dislike the word and the position it puts me in. The good thing about working late is that it pays extra and that the week just flies by. Tomorrow it’s Friday and I really didn’t notice most of the other days this week. Say hello to an old friend, the weekend.

I should seriously start to consider moving to another apartment. I’m sick and tired of living with the single mother and her kids, constantly having to listen to their arguing. The mother is also starting to get on my nerves. Every time she opens her mouth, I feel that something stupid comes out of it, no matter what she says. Even if it’s just “hi” I just want to tell her to shut the hell up. Not the best living conditions.

Just recently I came across an article saying that you can send e-mails to god, in this case the god the Jews enjoy. I’ve been told that some people thinks that every religion actually worships the same god, but what do I care.

Anyway, the Israeli telecommunications firm Bezeq is offering to print every message sent to god and bring them to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. So, if you’ve got something you want to wail about, send an e-mail to god at kotel@onemail.bezeq.com. Do you think he could need some V|@GRa, or maybe a University degree to boost his salary? I dunno, but he’s sure to get some incredible offers as soon as the SPAM bots picks up his e-mail address.

Oh, and I finally completed that damn game. What an ΓΌber-lame end-game video!