Twenty Four Times Three

There was some good partying yesterday, even Kristin, who I haven’t seen in a good two years, showed up. After having stayed up until four in the night I decided that today would probably be a day when I should do as little as possible. Not that I’m feeling sick or anything, I started to drink water around one in the night or something like that, but we all need a lazy day once in a while.

So I started to watch the third season of 24. The first season was good, because it was a new kind of show, the second season was all right, but lacking something. So far, the third season is tumbling down hill. Not good. The most annoying part about season two - where Jack Bauer is trying to find a nuclear bomb - was Eliza Cuthbert as Kim. Actually, the annoying thing was not Eliza personally, it was just her unbelievably stupid character. I’m fortunate enough to have the possibility to fast forward through everything Kim says, and I’m pretty confident that I won’t miss anything that’s crucial to the plot.

The plan for today was to go outside and play some more with my camera, but it’s raining cats and dogs and bigger things outside, so that’s not going to happen. Unless there are hot babes in thin, white clothing walking around.

Yet Another Cali es Cali Babe


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