Two Steps Ahead.

I had two new year’s resolutions this year: To smile more and to run more. I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished the former, but at least I’m well on my way when it comes to the latter. I haven’t been running a whole lot, but I’ve managed two or three runs a week since March. According to Endomondo, I’ve covered 5/1000 of the distance around the world and I’ve burned 27 hamburgers. I’m pretty sure I’ve not eaten that many hamburgers since I started running, so yay!

Endomondo is calculating a lot of interesting statistics for me and the funny thing is that there is no real progress. This seems to be the story of my life when it comes to exercise: There’s no real progress. It might be that I’m the next link in the evolution; a person not meant to exercise, but to sit on his ass in front of a computer. To be honest, that would suit me just well. Or maybe I’m just expecting too much progress too fast – because there are some progress. Since March, my average pace (min/km) has dropped from 06:27 to 05:42, which is an improvement. Also, I’m now running 5Ks in relatively hilly terrain. My goal for this season should be to get below 5:00 min/km before the snows starts to fall again. That means I have to run 5000 meters in less than 25 minutes – not a great feat considering the best recorded men’s time on a 5K in 2011 was 12:53.

Still, with my daily bicycle trips to and from work and two to three runs a week, at least I’m not totally stationary – and that’s a good thing. If you’re also on Endomondo, feel free to add me.

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  1. Hva skjer a? kanke ta ferie fra detta målet vettu. Må jogge hardt om du skal nå målet ditt:-). Har ikke sett noe jogging på endomondo på uker.

  2. Been way too busy doing nothing on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea to even think about jogging. Hopefully it will get better this week, but it’s summer vacation after all…