Two words. they can take you both up and down

My mood went from pretty good to rather lousy in a split second today. All it took was for someone I know to mention two words. A name. The really bad thing is that a things like this shouldn’t influence my mood as much as it did. If I hadn’t felt a thing, that would be a little strange, too, but to be honest, I would have preferred that instead of this extremely rapid mood change. I guess most of you think I’m rambling on in a strange code about people you don’t know and past incidents you don’t even know about. You crave for details, you lust for names. But you’re not getting any. I tend to be quite personal on this site, but even I have my limits. Actually, I wouldn’t mind just letting it all out, but I’ll try to have some regard for other people. But I still wish I hadn’t made the phone call I just did.


I talked to a bike mechanic about my wobbly steering today and he told me I had to loosen two bolts, then tighten another one and everything would be fine. So I went home, loosened one of the bolts and broke the tool I’d borrowed into two nice and rather unusable pieces. So now I have to buy Tor-Erik a new set of tools and I’ve got a completely useless bike without steering. Or at least it’ll be suicide to ride it. Which means I have to spend money I don’t have on the freackin’ bus.


Tonight I’m going to the movies to see Ying xiong, or Hero as it’s called in English. Looks like most people who went to see it thought they were going to see a new Wo hu cang long (a.k.a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), but it seems like it’s not exactly that kind of movie. Well, though luck, guys. I have no idea what kind of movie it is, but as long as it’s entertaining, it’s good enough for me.

After some nagging, I added my friend Kristoffer Gjøsund to the cast today. Or actually, it was yesterday, I just didn’t tell you.

I should probably also mention that a new version of Opera is available. A lot of bugs are fixed and some new ones are introduced. It breaks the Grey Box World theme for instance.


By Vegard Skjefstad