Thursday night one of my kid sisters gave birth to a little boy named Lucas. Congratulations to my sister and her boyfriend, and also to my parents who are now officially grandparents. They’re getting old. This site will not get crammed with pictures of cats and little kids, but of course I’ve got a picture of Lucas for you. He looks hairy and pissed off.

Last night I suddenly woke up at around half past four. In my head I had the solution to a technical usability problem we’ve been struggling with for about half a year. It sort of came to me in a dream. And it was dead simple, too. I’m not absolutely sure if it’ll work, but I think so. I’m solving complicated work-related problems in my sleep. I need professional help. Fast. It could be because I was prepared for a normal, eight hour workday on Friday, but ended up spending fourteen hours at work because the infamous shit hit the fan about an hour before I was about to head home.

Oh, and I got a haricut today. I look like a dork.