Unfortunate timing

Oh, Saturday. And even though I was a little uncertain if it was really Friday yesterday, I’m pretty sure it’s Saturday today. So I took the whole day off. No university, no project, no report. The only useful thing I’ve done today was to head downtown to buy the Mew album. It’s a good CD, but I’m a little afraid I’ll get bored of it quickly. Only time will tell.

Yesterday I went down to my university to take some pictures of the abandoned campus. I got a few interesting ones, playing around with the camera settings in semi-dark hallways and such, but I came to the conclusion that I prefer taking pictures of people. At least at this stage in my learn-to-use-the-camera-process. If I’ve had someone with me, preferably some hot girl, of course, I’m pretty sure I’d been able to take some rather good shots. Maybe next Easter.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board will probably be nominated for the "Bad Timing" award this year. Hong Kong will take your breath away. Yeah, right now, it certainly looks like that could happen…

By Vegard Skjefstad