Just as I started to write this entry, I remembered that tomorrow is the big to-be-or-not-to-be-day when it comes to my future at NRK. You probably know this by now, since I’ve been reminding you about it in pretty much every entry after returned from my…uhm…break. So, I browsed through 20-25 ads, wrote one application and felt that I probably should’ve written more. The problem is that I’ve still got some hope about an extended contract with NRK. I’ll probably write a couple more tomorrow evening if things don’t go exactly as I hope.

I took a walk outside about an hour ago to see if I could find somewhere close to throw away all the metal cans that have been piling up in the kitchen in the last month. Yeah, the closest place to throw them away is of course is garbage cans just outside the apartment building, but I’m raised well, therefore I recycle. I think that I think, therefore I think that I am. Walking from the apartment it was kind of slippery, it’s around 0 degrees centigrade and rather foggy outside at the moment, making the conditions very unpredictable. I’m glad I didn’t take my bike. And I was able to find a place to throw the cans away, too.

Surfing around, I found an article about some woman who sues Schwarzenegger for defamation.

A Hollywood stunt woman who claims she was sexually harassed by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit Monday alleging defamation by the governor and his campaign staff.


The complaint alleges that less than one hour after her news conference October 6, Schwarzenegger’s campaign staff “disseminated to dozens, if not hundreds, of media outlets, reporters and editors an e-mail … that Rhonda Miller was a felon with a long criminal record.”

The source of all this ado is that the day before Schwarzenegger was elected California’s governor, Rhonda Miller spoke at a news conference alleging “outrageous acts” of sexual harassment by the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician.

The question is: Did Arnold Schwarzenegger sexually harass Rhonda Miller?

This is Rhonda Miller:

Rhonda Miller

The defence rests.