The temperature has been a few degrees above zero the last couple of days, resulting in all the snow melting away. Sort of a bummer, since it’s winter an all, but I really don’t mind because it means that I can ride my bike without too much risk - except for the odd taxi and tram - to work. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against snow, as long as it doesn’t fall in downtown Oslo, because it makes getting around a hassle. I was even planning to get my bike ready this weekend.

But the joke is on me, I guess: When I stepped out from the office after work this evenin, the snow had again fallen and it was quite the blizzard outside. Still, I’m loving a good blizzard, as long as I’m wearing enough clothes. This evening I had Kent to accompany me home, not the worst company in bad weather. I once had a near-religious experience with Kent, alcohol and a blizzard.

It’s interesting to observe that I didn’t once look outside during the day, even if there is huge windows in every office at work.


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