It’s still rather quite around here, but I thought you deserved an update.

I’ve got myself an Yahoo! e-mail account and subscribed to tons of get-paid-to-read-junk-e-mail. So far I’ve been able to get about…hmmmm…$0.2 - not much, but it’s a start. I could add links on this page to each service, and get even more cash when you click register from my page, but I’m not sure how smart that is. It’s tempting, though. I might just do it one day, so you, too, can earn tons of $$$.

This weekend I’m probably going South (?) to party some. Two friends of mine from college is celebrating life and want to gather people from the good ol' class of 2001. That’ll be really cool - they are crazy.

Anything else? Hmmm… I had a long chat with some girl from Canada today who were going to write a report about the Internet. She’d never chatted before and probably didn’t check her e-mail very often. But it was an interesting chat, with an interesting girl.

I need something to eat now. And I need a 24/7 connection.