URLConnection getInputStream Hangs

This post is probably just interesting for Java-nerds. And by that I don’t mean people who are crazy about coffee. I have a friendly suggestion for you if you’re using the Java class URLConnection and any JDK prior to 1.5:

Stop using it!

The getInputStream method will block if anything goes wrong with the connection and the thread calling it will lock up. There is no way of setting a timeout, and if for instance have a single threaded monitor process (because you really don’t have the need to do anything in parallel) and you don’t have a control thread checking the aliveness of the main thread - you’re basically fucked. Just like I was for a while until I figured out what was going on.

Prior to monitoring, the service had to contact another server to authenticate, and the authentication server wasn’t always playing by the book. When that happened, the getInputStream method locked everything and the monitoring service failed for no apparent reason. Hooray!

Fortunately, Java 1.5 (or 5.0, whatever you prefer) solves the problem by adding a setReadTimeout method. This method throws a SocketTimeoutException if the getInputStream method times out, and saves the day.

See URLConnection (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0) for more information.

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