UTF-8 i18n Struts

As promised, here’s how you correctly get Struts and Tomcat to display UTF-8 characters correctly for i18n. It’s not that complicated, really, but it took quite a while to find out how:

You have to convert your UTF-8 properties-file with a program called natice2ascii. It comes with the SDK/JDK and is located in the bin folder of you Java-installation. This program converts the UTF-8 file to an ASCII file where the UTF-8 characters are written as Unicode Hex. The conversion is done like this:

native2ascii -encoding utf-8 c:\1.txt c:\2.txt

That’s about it, the file can now be used by Struts. Source: Support Eastern Languages in Your Struts Web Applications.

Join me later when I will write about something less nerdish.


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