After reading more about the XCP DRM Software, a.k.a. The Sony Root Kit, today, I realized I’m the lucky owner of a CD with the software: Switchfoot’s “Nothing is Sound”. I have installed the player on the CD, I only put the CD in my PC to rip it. Which proves that the copy protection measures didn’t work very well.

Anyway, I decided to check how Sony BMG handles this little crisis, so I sent them this mail through their support site:

Dear Sony BMG,

Reading news on the internet today, I came across several articles mentioning that installing the player software found on your audio CDs will also install a so called Root Kit. The Root Kit compromises the security of my PC, making it possible for malware to hide on my computer, undetectable for anti-malware software.

The article also mentions that removing the Root Kit can result in an inaccessible CD drive, which is not a good thing since I tend to use my CD drive a lot. For instance for listening to Sony BMG artists.

How do I safely remove the Root Kit from my computer?

And why should I trust Sony BMG and continue to buy Sony BMG CDs after you secretly install malware on my computer?

Best regards,

Vegard Skjefstad

So far, all I’ve got is an automated response.

Tomas arrived today, unfortunately without the SleepTracker.