Virgin Music.

OK, here goes, my first GarageBand recording. Ever. Before you download and listen to this 36 second masterpiece, keep in mind that

  1. I can’t play the guitar, damnit. I can’t even name a single chord.
  2. I know nothing about producing and mixing music. That’s what I have Kristoffer for.
  3. The recording is done using a steel string guitar, I’m used to nylon strings.
  4. As it turns out, I’m almost tone death and I’m not very good at keeping the rhythm.

Anyway, without further ado, download and enjoy.

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  1. Well, for an acoustic with a broken preamp I thought the guitar sound was pretty cool :) Naming chords are bad anyway: What do you name? Your kids. What do you do with chords? You “hit” them. You don’t hit your kids, right? Not even in “”. I’ll come with some constructive critisism later, V :)

  2. Oh, that’s why then :) What guitar have you bought? Pictures, man! I know Klas used to play keyboards in a great band called “Ost”, and I’m pretty sure Roar has some singing experience from a show or something. I see a band forming…

  3. Stupid Winamp wouldn’t play your song.. Dunno why I even got it installed.. Foobar2000 on the other hand played it like a music player should.. :)

  4. In a perfect world, GarageBand would export to MP3, but since it’s not a perfect world it doesn’t.

    Get a few hotties for the backing choir and you’ve got your band!