The last week has been busy, we’ve been setting up a service that I though was going live before the weekend, but it looks like it’s not been done yet. Why I don’t know. Yesterday we streamed a major live event, which was cool, virtually problem free and a lot of work. I have no idea how many hours I worked last week, I just know that it’s been way to many. The live feed got up one and a half hour later than it should because someone somewhere fucked up something. We’d been working our asses off and when we’re supposed to go live, we’re unable to connect to the source stream. That really pissed me off. But, then again, to err is human, and I’ll probably mess up myself at some point.

I’m not going to Iceland after all, instead me and Hans Olav decided to go South, to Rome. So now I need to know what one can do in Rome instead. I will go to Iceland and some point on time, just not in August.

That’s it for today. I’ve got some unfinished business in San Andreas I’ve got to handle. For those of you who sent me e-mails about the one-liners; I’m going to add, edit and credit everything soon. Thanks for contributing.