I have to admit something. I sometimes buckle under pressure. Because of the hundreds of threatening e-mails, angry phone calls and obscure IM messages I’ve received since I wrote the pro/con-entry about RSS I’ve decided to give you guys access to a RSS 2.0-compliant XML-feed. It’s been tested in FeedDemon and it worked like a charm, so I dare you to take it for a spin in your favourite news reader. It’s pretty basic, it only gives you the headings, the first paragraph and a link back to the actual entry for the last 10 entries posted. You can find the feed at /rss.xml and read more about it in the About section.

Like I feared, Camilla didn’t have the time to meet me when I went to Trondheim to visit Stine. The roads were too icy for her to take the car into town from her parent’s house where she stayed during Christmas, and because of the holidays there were no buses going back in the evening. So, I simply hung her Christmas present on the door nob outside her apartment and went back to Stine’s place for a shower and some food. Let’s hope no one stole it.

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Well, it’s technically today, but as we all know the new day doesn’t start until you’ve slept for a while. Anyway, I’m not sure what to do in the evening. Sitting home alone is an option, but it’s an option I’d like to avoid. Not because I’m not able to entertain myself, it’s because it’s the public’s general impression that only freaks and people with no friends sit alone in their apartment during New Year’s Eve. Since I’m fortunate enough to have friends and only be somewhat freakish, I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do. At the time of writing, I’ve got four options:

  • Try to convince Klas that he should drink beer with me here in downtown Oslo instead of with some people he’ll spend the next week with diving anyway.
  • Squeeze in between Terje and Inger, who’re spending the evening in Oslo. But that’s something I really don’t want to, not because they’re not pleasent people, it’s because I think I’ll let the love birds be love birds by themselves.
  • Go to Kongsberg and play with Roar, HΓ₯kon, Kristoffer, possibly Tomas and a bunch of Roar’s friends that I probably don’t know too well. The only downside with this idea is that I have to spend hours on the fucking bus. Again. And I just realized that Roar is not represented in the Cast. Why the hell not? It’s on my TODO-list, man.
  • Go to Lillehammer and visit Merete. Involves a rather long train ride. Not very likely to happen.

Why can’t we all live in the same city, damn it? I’ll let you know what I ended up doing. Because I’m pretty damn sure you want to know just that.