Tonight I went to this years third Basketball board meeting. I’m in administrative charge for my team - I have to do all the things that no one else wants to do - and I also have to attend these meetings. Not a bad thing really, because there are always some nice info to pick up and I get to have my say. But, holy crap, these meetings set some sort of unofficial world record in inefficiency. We were chatting for about one and a half hour when we probably could have been done in twenty minutes. It was not like I had anything else important to do, but still. It was like this when I was attending meetings in various student organizations in Grimstad, too. I guess it’s just one of those unwritten, universal laws: Meetings are just supposed to last for ever.

The Scandinavian version of Temptation Island (in Norwegian) is running on the idiot box these days. I’m not usually looking at it, honestly, but it was on when I had supper. No, I don’t don’t usually watch the show, stop rolling your eyes… Anyway, as I was watching, a brilliant idea hit me. What if I could find a girl who was willing to pretend that she was my girlfriend. We would go to the island, kiss and hug and wish each other good luck when we split up, then have some good fun with the singles. Would you see me playing hard to get? Most likely not. A good idea? I’ll say!

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