It’s been a slow weekend. Gine worked Saturday and most of my time was devoted to, surprise, surprise, EVE Online. I’m still bouncing around solo in high security space, but have moved down to .7 where I have to deal with the odd rat. Right now I have two Hammerhead drones doing the dirty work for me and I’m considering moving to .6 space because surviving in .7 isn’t much of a challenge. It is of course possible that .6 is too dangerous for a scared care bear like myself.

I also went out and bought a Retriever. There will be another few days before I can actually fly it, but I found one at a reasonable price only a few jumps away, so I decided to buckle up in the Badger Mark II and fly over to transport it back home.

Yes, all that was just gibberish to all of you except one of my regular readers (yes, I take the liberty to actually think I do have regular readers), so let’s talk about the complete opposite of sitting in front of a computer playing a game.

And that is - you probably guessed it already - exercise. I’m usually not a forgetful person, but when I pack my backpack to go to the gym, I usually forget something, no matter how sure I am I’ve remember everything. Not long ago I forgot my heart rate monitor and the other day I forgot my towel and shampoo. Standing there without a towel and shampoo after a workout is not that much fun. I’m a man and thus smell like one.

Tomorrow I’m back on the support roller coaster, which means no exercise for a week. That’ll be phun.