Way To Go, America!

I’ve been following the election now since around seven in the morning CET. I had planned to watch CNN the entire night, but as it turned out, our MD and FD are coming over from the UK today, so I had to at least look fit, even though I really don’t feel very good.

Anyway, it looks like George will be president of the US of A for another four years, I’m pretty sure that it’ll turn out to be four very interesting years. At least there will be something to watch on the news as he

  1. Decides to attack Iran. Let’s face it, there are already a lot of US troops in the Iraq, and why bother to bring them all the way back home when there is another country full of weapons of mass destruction and terrorists next door?
  2. Almost launches a nuclear strike against North Korea. One of the last communist countries in the world, and it has the A-bomb. Whoever strikes first is the winner. Probably.
  3. Frees the Cuban population. Another one of those few communist countries left. This one with a leader that’s really not in good health. Maybe we’ll see a US-funded revolution when Castro falls to the ground for the very last time? The US has funded wars and revolutions before in other countries, and we all know the aftermath of those operations. Better dead than red.
  4. Is unable to reduce the deficit. A 200 billion margin has been turned into a 400 billion deficit during the four first years of the reign of George W. Bush. Where the hell do they get all this money?
  5. Struggles to handle yet another major terrorist attack on US soil.

I also predict that we’ll see another Bush-bashing Michael Moore movie within four years.


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